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.digital fashion house

.we design what design us

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​.we are fashion

in digital world

​.we understand that fashion industry needs ecosystem solutions to its problems, solutions that can be developed from a deep understanding of the current system and available technologies. 

.we create agile


.we build digital universes that break down barriers and deliver your message to anyone, at anytime

.we strengthen the fashion industry

.digital technologies make fashion brands more creative and competitive

.more sustainable fashion industry

.digital fashion technologies optimize production time and reduce waste of resources

.we innovate with

3D technology

.enjoy quick access to the most advanced digital fashion methods and technologies

​.do you want to know more about the possibilities of digital fashion?

.digital fashion

for comunication

.fashion is all about expression, and with the advancement of CG technologies, we can now help brands create content, get faster feedback, and engage more with their communities, all while reducing their impressions of carbon

.digital fashion XP


.present your garments to your current and potential customers in a three-dimensional and interactive way

.games and experiences

.we create games and digital experiences focused on the fashion industry


.we create environments in virtual reality, such as virtual catwalks and interactive stores


.we create digital collections for NFTs

.we know fashion is

.the second largest polluter in the world. it’s the last creative industry to go through a digital transformation and has both creatives and logistical problems that cannot be solved isolated one from another

.be part of our community and receive news about our projects, brands or future releases

.do you have an idea, suggestion or project?
let's build the future of fashion together


let's talk!



Florianópolis, SC - Brasil

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