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.digital fashion for comunication

.fashion is all about expression and with the advancement on CG technologies we now are able to help brands create content, have faster feedback and engage more with their communities meanwhile they also reduce their carbon print emissions


.calça Cindy

.spark collection


.the collection developed for Lotti Couture seeks to translate the brand's private world.

.it's futuristic, festive, full of glitter, sequins and neon!

.welcome to Lottie's shine world!

. blazer Charlotte

.spark Collection

.our projects

.we develop fashion 3D modeling projects, creation of collections, aimed at creating a more sustainable production process.

.visit our projects here

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.do you have an idea, suggestion or project?
Let's build the future of fashion together.


let's talk!



Florianópolis, SC - Brasil

.thanks for send!

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